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Mosquito Control Beaufort

Located on Port Royal Island, Beaufort is loved for its coastal climate and rich history. Living on one of South Carolina’s most alluring coastal sea islands, Beaufort residents know all too well the constant battle of keeping mosquitoes under control.

Mosquito bites can be painful, uncomfortable and drive you indoors quickly — even on the most beautiful of days. Mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance, certain species common along the SC coast can also transmit illnesses to humans and pets. Among these are West Nile, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Lacrosse Encephalitis and dog/cat heartworm.

With Beaufort’s close proximity to water sources, such as marshlands and inland lagoons, residents of the Port Royal Island areas need to remain vigilant about mosquito control in order to stay protected.

The species Aedes sollicitans (aka The Eastern Saltmarsh mosquito), prefers laying its eggs in stagnant salt marshes along the ocean. This species is known to venture 10 miles or more inland to find a blood meal.

The Culex salinarius (sometimes called the Salt Marsh Culex), prefers breeding in saltwater marshes, or even roadside ditches filled with cattails or littered with debris. This mosquito is considered to be a bridge vector of West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis and St. Louis Encephalitis, transmitting the virus from birds to humans and horses.

The Aedes albopictus (known as the Asian Tiger mosquito), is known as the most evasive and aggressive mosquito species in the world. It is cold-hardy, lays super resilient eggs and constantly acclimates to the environment it is faced with. Asian Tiger’s are also known day-biting mosquitoes, unlike many of the other species that bite from dusk till dawn. Since Asian Tiger mosquitoes lay their eggs right on the edge of the water, rather than directly on it, any source of moisture can facilitate breeding — even in an area as minuscule as a discarded soda pop top.

We Specialize in Preventing and Controlling Mosquitoes at Your Beaufort County Home

Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston is your number one all-stop shop for all Mosquito control, prevention and protection services in coastal areas such as Beaufort. We are here to safeguard you and your family from these annoying pests. Having been in operation for many years now, all our previous and current customers can attest to our reliability and high level of expertise. Using our integrated pest management approach (IPM), we will help you eradicate mosquitoes in your yard. Our proven service will help you control mosquitoes, ticks and other nuisance insects at your at your Beaufort home ensuring that your outdoor space is livable again.

Our micro-encapsulated mosquito barrier treatments are tough and effective because they are created from a superior combination of products by our professional technicians. Our mosquito control service eradicates the mosquito’s breeding grounds on your property, eliminate mosquitoes on contact, and creates a protective barrier around your yard to keep away any additional mosquitoes.

We offer the perfect solution for your Beaufort mosquito control needs. Along with our traditional barrier treatment, we
also offer essential oil-based mosquito control, mosquito control for special events and convenient mosquito misting systems.

Call Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston at (843) 574-8919 today or email us to learn more.

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Mosquito Control Beaufort is Instant Gratification!

We achieve 85-90% reduction on the first barrier treatment. Our formula immediately eradicates existing mosquitoes on contact, so realistically, the reduction is almost immediate. Continuing the program will ensure residual protection for the entire time you are on the service.

During your first treatment, our technicians carefully inspect your property and eliminate or treat standing water, a potential mosquito breeding site, with a larvacide. This stops the life cycle of the mosquito at the larvae stage, so they cannot become adults. Then our technicians will treat to eliminate any adult mosquitoes currently on your property. This also builds a barrier against any mosquitoes that enter your yard after treatment from other areas. Our technicians will return to your property approximately every 21 days to inspect and maintain the barrier.

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Mosquitoes do not respect fences or property lines, but our treatment creates an invisible barrier around your property that eliminates mosquitoes that come into your property from other areas. Sometimes a mosquito might fly into your yard and bite you before feeding or resting on the treated surfaces. Other than that rare bite, you will find that the number of mosquitoes is greatly reduced.

As part of Mosquito Squad’s 7 T’s of Mosquito Control, which we outlined in our blog article Learn the 7 T’s of Mosquito Control for Your Charleston Backyard, we encourage our customers to spread the word about our superb mosquito control services among their Beaufort neighbors!

Talking with neighbors is a key component to the success of your mosquito, and tick control efforts. Townhomes and homes with little space between lots mean that mosquitoes can breed at a neighbor’s home, and affect your property. Communication and caring is key. A mosquito-free neighborhood is a happy neighborhood indeed!

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