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Protecting Your Family From Fleas In the Charleston Area

Our animals, along with our family members, spend a large amount of time in the yard — along with other critters you don’t see. Fleas often make their way inside your house from your yard, hitchhiking on your cats or dogs. Their bites are not only painful, for both humans and animals; they can also spread disease. Fleas carry tapeworms, anemia, dermatitis, Lyme Disease and more, plus present the risk of heart worms for pets. Unfortunately, because of our climate here in the Palmetto State, flea season is year-round.

You don’t have to live with the risk and the unwanted housemates though. Let Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston keep your loved ones safe and your home flea-free. Mosquito Squad is a trusted pest eliminator and uses a combination of techniques for the most effectively control of fleas.

Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston starts with a barrier spray that offers protection by killing fleas outside your home. Not only does this keep them from getting inside, it also keeps other pests like ticks, mosquitos and other insects from entering your yard; acting as a virtual shield for your property. A growth regulator is added to the barrier treatment spray that stops the life cycle of the flea. This prevents their eggs from hatching and the next generation from maturing.

Fleas are a challenge because you generally can’t see them to know if you have an infestation. Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston can protect your family and pets from this invisible invasion. Our family owned and operated company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call Mosquito Squad of Charleston today at 843-574-8919. for peace of mind and protection for your family.

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