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Let Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston Keep Your Event Mosquito Free

Whether you’re celebrating a wedding or a graduation, Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston can protect your outdoor plans from the threat of mosquitoes and other annoying pests. We know that you put great care and concern into your outdoor events, and you don’t want them spoiled by the presence of mosquitoes. Include us in your plans and schedule a professional treatment that is top notch in mosquito prevention.

How It Works

When you plan your event, our experts will schedule to treat the property anywhere from 24 to 48 hours before hand. They’ll strategically deploy the treatment for maximum effectiveness, eliminating up to 90% of the mosquitoes. Since we know that no treatment can kill 100 percent of the pests, our spray includes a formula that provides continuous mosquito protection for weeks at a time. The best part? The spray dries in around 30 minutes, so there are no lingering odors or sticky residues. This enables us to get the job done long before any food or utensils are outside, preventing any chance of contamination.

Is It Worth It?

We’ve seen many a party ruined by the presence of pests. Perhaps more importantly, mosquitoes present a potential danger beyond the superficial bites and scratches. We want to help you protect your guests and loved ones from being subjected to these risks, and we’ll eliminate the inconvenience and annoyance that mosquitoes bring while we’re at it.

Our services are available across the Greater Charleston area. Call now for a consultation and we’ll help make sure your special day isn’t ruined by annoying pests. While we’re at it, our friendly specialists can discuss regular treatment options, automated deployment, seasonal and year-round solutions and anything else you could need.

Let us help today by calling us at 843-574-8919.

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