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Don’t let bugs ruin your bash this summer. Call Mosquito Squad to keep your special events mosquito-free.

Imagine it’s the Fourth of July, and you’re trying to enjoy the holiday outside in your yard with family and friends. It’s hot and humid. You’ve got the citronella candles lit and the tiki torches aflame. Food is on the grill and everything seems perfect except . . . you can’t even enjoy it because the mosquitoes are so bad. You spray yourself up and down with bug spray, but it smells weird and it’s greasy. Who’s to know if it’s even safe to eat your food when the chemicals from the bug spray are floating around? The sun starts setting and you’re looking forward to the fireworks, but it’s nearly impossible to be outside now. The mosquitoes are eating better than you are, and unfortunately, it’s you that’s on their menu.

From the first official summer cookout of Memorial Day to the Labor Day “one last hurrah before the kids go back to school” backyard barbecue, summers are prime time for outdoor parties. Whether it’s weddings, graduation parties, family reunions, or Fourth of July festivities, mosquitoes can easily ruin all the fun and even send people home.

Don’t let bugs ruin your bash. Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston offers a special event mosquito protection service to make sure you and your guests have a mosquito-free, uninterrupted party. We know you put a lot of time and planning into your outdoor events, so call us at 843-574-8919 to schedule a professional, top-notch special event treatment for your Palmetto State mosquito control.

How our special event service works

When you plan your event, we’ll schedule to treat the property anywhere from one to three days in advance. Our technicians will strategically deploy our signature barrier treatment for maximum effectiveness, eliminating up to 90% of the mosquitoes. Since we know that no treatment can get rid of 100% of the pests, our solution is micro encapsulated, which allows it to be time released and continue working for three weeks afterward. It’s odorless, colorless, and dries in around 30 minutes, and there are no sticky residues. This enables us to treat the area and get the job done quickly, so you can bring out the food and utensils shortly after we leave without worry of any kind of contamination.

Is It Worth It?

We’ve seen many a party ruined by the presence of pests. Perhaps more importantly, mosquitoes present a potential danger beyond the superficial bites and scratches. We want to help you protect your guests and loved ones from being subjected to these risks, and we’ll eliminate the inconvenience and annoyance that mosquitoes bring while we’re at it.

Our services are available across the Greater Charleston area. Call Mosquito Squad today at 843-574-8919 for a free consultation and we’ll help make sure your special day isn’t bombarded by bugs. While we’re at it, our friendly specialists can discuss regular treatment options, automated deployment, seasonal and year-round solutions, and anything other pest control you may need, such as for fleas, ticks, or no-see-ums.

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day 2018, our special event service is only $269! Call us at 843-574-8919 to get on the schedule!

If you’re planning someone’s “big day” . . .

. . . don’t let this happen to you!

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