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Mist Away Your Mosquito & Noseeum Problems this Season

Are mosquitoes or noseeums bugging you? The Palmetto State is prime mosquito country. Every summer when it gets hot and humid, the mosquitoes populations seem to come out in droves. It’s enough to drive anyone crazy. This season, prevent mosquitoes and other biting bugs from making your yard a home. You can protect your family and pets with our hassle- and maintenance-free solution: an automatic misting system set to your specifications.

Mosquito Treatment Misting System

With this system you won’t have to think about those irritating pests once this season! At Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston we install, maintain, and refill it for you. It works like this:

Programmable Misting

Our automatic misting system automatically sprays when you want it to, keeping mosquitoes at bay.

  • You can set it to automatically spray up to 4 times per day.
  • Each 30-second mist eliminates or repels mosquitoes and deters them from coming back.
  • The settings are controllable by an app on your smartphone.
  • The system’s tubes and nozzles are corrosion resistant for a longer life span.
  • Misting nozzles are set in strategic places by our experienced technicians for maximum mosquito control all-season long.
  • Sit back and relax. Mosquito Squad does all the work, from filling the tanks to yearly system maintenance.
  • The Set Up

    A single call can get the process started. One of our trained specialists will pay you a visit, inspect your yard, and explain how the system works and what to expect. The most common areas of nozzle placement are near fence lines, pool borders, gazebos, decks, planting areas, and bushy places where mosquitoes like to congregate.

    When you are satisfied with the plans, we will begin installing the lines, nozzles, and spray tanks. Once in place, we handle all of the regular maintenance, tank filling, do inspections and make sure the system is working correctly. If there is a problem at any time, give us a call and we will send a specialist to figure out what’s wrong and make repairs as required. Really, that’s all there is to keeping your yard free and clear of mosquitoes seasonally or throughout the entire year without a thought or worry.

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    If you have any questions about our automatic misting system, or what the Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston can do for other biting pests like fleas or ticks, please call us today at 843-574-8919.

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