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Zika Virus Prevention in Greater Charleston

Mosquitoes. They are annoying at best, they leave behind painful and itchy bites and can carry potentially dangerous diseases like the West Nile and Zika viruses.

The Problem with Zika

While Zika hasn’t been transmitted in the U.S., the mosquito species that carries it is an active pest in many parts of the country. This means residents need to be extra vigilant in their efforts to eradicate mosquitoes on their properties and in their communities. Unfortunately, only 20 percent of those who have Zika will experience symptoms. Yet they can still pass the disease onto others.

The real risk with Zika is to pregnant women as it could cause the birth defect microcephaly.

Preventing Zika Virus

Mosquito Squad protects your yard from mosquitoes that transmit Zika

When it comes to preventing mosquito infestations in Charleston, there are several steps that can make your home an unattractive target for mosquitoes that include the following:

Eliminate standing water on your property. Tip over any items on your property that could be used by mosquitos to breed. Even the smallest amount of water can be an effective breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Toss out any dead leaves, grass clippings or other types of waste that may promote water pooling—providing mosquitoes and ticks with the perfect home. Getting rid of these types of waste should cut down on the number of places these insects call home.

Remove or turn over objects, that can hold water, so mosquitoes can’t lay their eggs in them. It only takes a few days for items like children’s swimming pools, sandboxes, buckets and pails to become breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Remove or tighten the tarps covering any sports equipment, boats or firewood piles on your property. This will prevent any access water from accumulating.

The most effective step to prevent and protect against mosquitoes? Calling Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston at 843-574-8919 to have us treat your property. Eliminating mosquitoes in this manner will reduce the risk that your family will come in contact with mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus and other diseases. In addition to Palmetto State mosquito control, we can also treat your property for fleas and ticks so pets can play safely too.

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