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Mosquitoes Cause Big Problems Worldwide

At Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston, we understand that mosquitoes can be much more than annoyances or outdoor pests here in the Palmetto State. In fact, they can cause more human suffering that any other animal and often carry deadly diseases around the world. These diseases include West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, Yellow Fever, Heartworm, and Malaria. Malaria is one of the most deadly on this list.


Mosquito nets being handed out to kids in Africa

Even though Malaria has been eradicated from the United States for years, almost half of the world’s population is still at risk. Most of these people live in Africa, where conditions like unclean water and inadequate prevention solutions promote the spread of Malaria.

Malaria’s symptoms are not pleasant. They range from fever, headache, chills, and vomiting, getting more severe and sometimes leading to death if it’s not treated immediately. According to Malaria No More, most people who die from this disease are “small children and pregnant women.”

Mosquito Squad Partners with Malaria No More

Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston owner handing out mosquito nets in Africa for Malaria No More

For every treatment purchased from us at Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston, we will donate $1 to Malaria No More. This global non-profit health organization works to stop the spread of the deadly disease and we’re proud to be a part of the fight. In 2016, owner of Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston ​Brent Tatum (pictured above, far right) traveled to Cameroon with Malaria No More, educating locals about using nets and increasing general awareness for the prevention of mosquitoes. He says, “we forget, because we treat for mosquitoes in the U.S. mostly for quality of life; in Africa, it’s life or death.”

Malaria is both preventable and curable. Malaria No More uses many methods to prevent the spread of the deadly disease. Their solutions include providing treated mosquito bed nets, rapid diagnostic tests, education on symptoms, and therapeutic treatments.

Mosquito Treatment for Greater Charleston

Your at-home mosquito treatment not only donates a dollar to this great organization, it also has many benefits for your family and pets. Did you know that about 1,000 Americans die from diseases spread by mosquitoes every year? From West Nile to Heartworm in pets, getting your backyard treated for mosquitoes is one of the smartest, easiest preventative decisions you can make. Not only will you and your family be much more comfortable, but they will be protected from these awful diseases. Call Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston today for more information!

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