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Why you need more than the mosquito control Charleston County provides

Many residents of Charleston County believe that because the county has a mosquito control program, there is no need to hire a company like Mosquito Squad to help with mosquito control in Charleston yards. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is very little assurance that a municipal program will protect your family and property from mosquitoes, and we’ll explain below.

The county’s program is for public spaces, not your backyard.

Charleston County’s mosquito control program is focused on more public areas like marshes and general open spaces. They do aerial treatment over bodies of water and ground treatment by trucks that do fogging in the street. While this may help with your front yard and driveway, this treatment rarely (if ever) reaches your backyard.

In fact, if you have a big front yard and your house sits farther away from the road, the county’s fogging program likely does not eradicate mosquitoes near your front porch. The county’s objective is to control the mosquito population in its public spaces, not private properties. To rely solely on the mosquito control Charleston County program is simply not going to help you enjoy your backyard for time with family or entertaining friends.

Treatment that lasts

The chemicals that Charleston County uses kill mosquitoes on contact. That may seem like a good thing, but consider this: If you have just ONE female mosquito in an area that wasn’t hit by the fog (such as your backyard), it will lay about 300 eggs in one batch. In four weeks’ time, this will multiply to over 1.3 billion mosquitoes.

Luckily, Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston uses a special, micro-encapsulated chemical formula that is time released, meaning that it continues to protect your yard for up to three weeks after each treatment. The mosquito control Charleston County does with its spray trucks needs to be deployed over and over again in that amount of time. With Mosquito Control of Greater Charleston, fewer treatments mean more time spent outside with family, with the peace of mind that you’ll be protected the entire season.

To find out how Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston can keep your Charleston-area property mosquito free all season-long, call us today at 843-574-8919 today, email us, or click “Get a Free Quote” at the top right and we’ll be happy to speak with you about mosquito control solutions for you and your family. We look forward to working with you!

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