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Does Mosquito Squad really control the mosquitoes throughout your entire yard?

Yes! Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston protects your family (and pets) from annoying pests that carry dangerous diseases. Our barrier treatment program effectively eradicates and prevents mosquitoes and ticks, giving you the carefree freedom to enjoy your yard without worry.

With this in mind, keeping your backyard free of mosquitoes is often a key centerpiece for many of the stories featured on our blog. This is because the backyard is where most Charleston and West Ashley residents spend a good majority of their time outdoors. It is the location of your deck or outdoor living space(s), pool, grill, playground equipment and where we gather as a family for fun. However, don’t assume that the protection we provide from mosquitoes begins and ends solely in the backyard. When we say we control the mosquitoes throughout your entire yard, we mean it.

Protection Beyond the Backyard

Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston protects by controlling the mosquitoes throughout your entire yard, all season. This includes your front and side yards as well as the back. During each mosquito control treatment, our technician will carefully inspect your entire property and eliminate or treat standing water, a potential mosquito breeding site, with a larvacide. This stops the life cycle of the mosquito at the larvae stage, so they cannot become adults. Our technician will then treat to eliminate any adult mosquitoes and ticks currently on your property. This also builds a barrier against any mosquitoes or ticks that enter your yard after treatment from other areas. Our technicians will return to your property approximately every 21 days to inspect and maintain this barrier.

In addition to our effective mosquito treatment program, it is important for you to conduct regular inspections on your property to eliminate any areas of standing water in order to maintain a mosquito-free property for the life of the treatment. We have outlined the 7 T’s of mosquito control in a previous blog story titled Getting to Know the 7 T’s of Mosquito Control at your Charleston and West Ashley Property which serves as a helpful resource in identifying and addressing areas where moisture may accumulate.

Mosquitoes Don’t Stand A Chance!

We achieve 90% reduction on the first barrier treatment. Our formula immediately eradicates existing mosquitoes and ticks on contact, so realistically, the reduction is almost immediate. Continuing our mosquito and tick control program will ensure residual protection for the entire time you are on the service, rain or shine. Keep in mind, just because it rains in the area on the day of your treatment, doesn’t necessarily mean the treatment was ineffective. We treat your whole area including targeted surfaces such as the underside of leaves and shaded areas; which tend to be protected from the rain. Additionally, due to the microencapsulation residual of our product, when it has dried (30 minutes) rainwater will not easily wash away the product. If you notice it not being effective, please call us!

Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston is the winning component to controlling mosquitoes in your Charleston and West Ashley yard and the secret to keeping your island home mosquito free!

We provide the perfect solution for your mosquito control needs.Along with our traditional barrier treatment, we also offer essential oil-based mosquito control, mosquito control for special events and convenient mosquito misting systems. Call us today at (843) 574-8919 today or email us.

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