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Mosquito Control Summerville SC

The town of Summerville, also known as “the Flower Town in the Pines,” is one of Greater Charleston’s gems with its beauty, culture, and “small town” feel. Historically, people from the Lowcountry initially started inhabiting this pine-forested ridge area to get away from the summer heat, mosquitoes, and diseases that came with them. So, you would think one wouldn’t need mosquito control in Summerville SC, right?

Not quite. Though we’re known as somewhat of a “refuge” from mosquitoes, they definitely exist here, and with increased vegetation over the years, their numbers have grown significantly. Living in an official “Tree City USA” has many benefits, but the mosquitoes are a definite downside. But don’t worry — Mosquito Squad has you covered for any and all mosquito control in Summerville SC you may possibly need. Our signature barrier treatment will eliminate nearly 90% of mosquitoes on your property and continue eliminating them for up to 21 days afterward — guaranteed.

How our mosquito control in Summerville SC works

It’s a question we get often. Many people are skeptical that Mosquito Squad’s barrier treatment is that effective for that long. But we guarantee it or your money back. Here’s how it works:

When we arrive at your property, the first thing we do is walk around your yard and treat any standing water or other mosquito-breeding sites with larvicide, which prevents mosquitoes in their younger stages from maturing. This halts their lifecycle in your yard. We then eliminate as much of the standing water as possible. After that, we start at the perimeter of your yard and work our way inward treating all the areas mosquitoes like to hide, applying our colorless, odorless formula in our special mist-blower backpacks. This knocks down mosquitoes on contact, and after it dries, creates an invisible residual “barrier” that will eliminate any mosquitoes that come into contact with it for the next three weeks or so.

What about my flowers?

With a motto of “the Flower Town in the Pines,” it’s well-known that the people of Summerville take great pride in the azaleas and other flora of the area. When doing a treatment, no matter if it’s in your backyard or at the site of a special event, we’re very careful to avoid as many flowering plants as possible. Not just flowers, but gardens as well — anything that bees, butterflies, or other pollinators love, we try our best to avoid. So no worries there!

So what’s our secret?

The key to the effectiveness of our barrier treatment is that it was specially formulated using microencapsulation, which is the same process that makes certain prescriptions you may take “extended release.” The active chemicals in this EPA-registered product are stored in tiny little beads that gradually release at a steady pace over a period of time. Mosquito Squad’s formula is generally effective for about 21 days, after which time we recommend another treatment. For continuous protection, we offer seasonal protection to make sure your mosquito control in Summerville SC has you covered all summer long. Uninterrupted summers mean less swatting and smacking yourself, and much more quality time in the yard with family.

On-demand mosquito control for your Summerville SC property

If you’d prefer to have more control over the mosquito population in your yard than a traditional barrier treatment, we also offer automatic mosquito misting systems. Misting systems are highly recommended for folks who live in heavily wooded areas, and/or near bodies of water, as these are basically mosquito-breeding playgrounds. If you’ve got a problem with no-see-ums, misting systems are the only way to control them because of their short life cycle.

Mosquito Squad’s misting systems are specially designed for your property and installed by our highly-trained technicians. (We do our best to make sure the misters blend in as much as possible.) Once installed, your misting system will be programmed to release a mist for about 45 seconds at designated intervals that will eliminate mosquitoes on contact. You also get a remote control and a special app for your phone that allows you to adjust the misting schedule or even trigger a mist at the push of a button, so your Summerville SC mosquito control is literally in your hands.

Misting systems are a true “set it and forget it” solution, as we take care of installation, spring activation, winterization, all refills and any needed maintenance in between. It’s a great long-term solution to your mosquito problem!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We take your mosquito control in Summerville SC seriously, and we’re confident that you’ll be happy with our products and services. If there’s any reason you’re not, just let us know and we’ll either give your property another treatment or offer your money back — no questions asked.

Contact Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston today for the most effective, longest-lasting mosquito control in Summerville you’ll find. Give us a call at 843-574-8919 or fill out our our contact form and we’ll get ahold of you. We look forward to helping you fight the bite and take back your yard!

Having a party? Be sure to alert the SQUAD to make it memorable for the right reasons!

Are you planning an outdoor wedding? Graduation party? Family reunion? No matter that the occasion, make sure your guests aren’t on the mosquito menu with one of our special event treatments. Alert the SQUAD and we’ll come out to the site one to three days in advance and treat the entire area with our barrier spray.

It only takes us about 20 minutes to administer the treatment and about 30 minutes to dry, so it’s easy to schedule around caterers, tent setup, and other event prep. We’ll be there and gone before you know it, and your guests will remember your event for the right reasons, not because of all the mosquitoes!

Prefer to stay on the “greener” side of things?

All of Mosquito Squads products are EPA-registered, but we understand that some people prefer to go the all-natural route. This is why we also offer an all-natural barrier spray option as well as our traditional treatment. We devised this formula based on essential oils, and instead of eradicating yard pests, it repels them.

Also time-released, our all-natural formula usually needs applying every two weeks instead of three. It’s still incredibly powerful — most customers notice a significant reduction in yard pests, usually around 80%. Mosquito Squad’s all-natural barrier spray is the perfect option for your eco-conscious lifestyle.

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