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Mosquito Control Johns Island SC

Living on John’s Island, SC, means living on island time. The term island time refers to a way of life where time moves a little slower, time is well spent and the geography is such that it refreshes your spirit, and your soul.
This is the way I hear many of our Johns Island customers describe the love they have for the area. One thing is certain, however, while the residents enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere, the mosquitoes show no signs of slowing down!

Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston is your source for controlling and preventing mosquitoes at your St. Johns Island home. As the largest island in the state of South Carolina, we proudly service John’s Island and its bordering islands including Kiawah, Edisto and Seabrook.

Living in such close proximity to marshlands and inland lagoons, residents in these island areas need to remain vigilant about mosquito control in order to stay protected. There are 61 different species of mosquitoes that exist in South Carolina. Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance, they can also transmit a host of mosquito-borne illness to humans and pets. Among these are West Nile, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Lacrosse Encephalitis and dog/cat heartworm.

The Best Mosquito Control for Your Johns Island Home

Our micro-encapsulated mosquito control barrier treatments are tough and effective because they are created from a superior combination of products and applied by our professional technicians. Our treatments eradicate the breeding grounds on your property, eliminate mosquitoes on contact, and create a protective barrier around your compound to keep away any additional mosquitoes.

We’re here to help as your mosquito control Johns Island SC service that will reduce mosquitoes in your yard by 85 – 90% for the entire season. Our trained technicians treat the perimeter of your yard with our time-tested and highly effective treatment. Each treatment protects your yard for up to 3 weeks through the micro-encapsulated timed release formula.

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

You have probably seen signs around Charleston County for mosquito control companies whose name closely resembles ours. Most consist of a two-word title with four syllables — much like our name — but that is where the similarities end.

Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston is part of the original mosquito control business. Nationwide, Mosquito Squad has become the most trusted mosquito control company and the model to which others try to emulate. As the founders of the pest control industry, no one has delivered more treatments, protected more families and covered more areas than Mosquito Squad — and the competition is not even close. We’re the Squad, protecting families locally and globally from the nuisance and dangers of mosquitoes.

  • We approach every day with a passion to do our best in every capacity possible so our clients can enjoy their John’s Island yard and outdoor spaces
  • We strive to provide extraordinary service in every aspect of our client relationships, from the first time we answer your phone call to the continued treating of your Charleston County property with the utmost precision and respect.
  • We help to educate our customers with factual knowledge and strong messages on how to avoid mosquito bites in memorable ways.
  • Every job we do is 100% satisfaction guaranteed as our promise to you.

Just as Oscar Wilde said in his well-known quote “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness” it makes us proud that our competition tries to emulate Mosquito Squad — it is an indication that we are doing it right!

Contact us to learn more about keeping your coastal home an island paradise all season long! We offer the perfect solution for Palmetto State mosquito control in Johns Island SC. Along with our traditional barrier treatment, we also offer essential oil-based mosquito control, mosquito control for special events and convenient mosquito misting systems. Call us today at (843) 574-8919 today or email us.

Owner Brent Tatum and family

Just imagine all the things you can enjoy at your St. Johns home without the worry of mosquitoes!

It is not uncommon to have our clients approach us during a treatment and comment on how our service enabled them to enjoy a recent outdoor event peacefully. Our mosquito control service has given their family the freedom to truly spend time outdoors with no worries, no timelines and no limits!

Here are a few reasons to love Johns Island mosquito control:

Entertain outdoors to your heart’s content and even leave the doors open!

Let your pet play within your treated property without the worry associated with canine and feline mosquito-borne illnesses such as heartworms.

As John’s Island is home to the Mullet Hall Equestrian Center, many residents are horse owners. If your horse is being stabled on your property, our service can reduce the risk of Eastern Equine Encephalitis for you and your horse.

Let your kid just be a kid. Without the concern of mosquitoes, you can have fun in your St. Johns backyard all season.

Relax and enjoy your mosquito-free backyard!

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