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Your Family Deserves Protection from Mosquitos

At Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston, we know that one of the biggest threats to a fun family time at home comes from mosquitoes. We’re here to help, though, with a plan of prevention that will leave your family happy and healthy all season long.

Mosquito Control by Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston

One of the ways we offer protection to your family is through the use of mosquito treatment – by using a mosquito spray that is effective against pests but safe for use with your family. Not only do we keep the mosquitoes from biting and bothering, but we give your family a peace of mind that is invaluable.

Harm they would, if they could. Mosquitoes can transfer many dangerous diseases, with the Zika Virus making headlines every day. In addition to that, threats like West Nile is always present in the mosquito population and can ruin more than just your good time.

You can relax knowing our mosquito treatment can protect your family. We simply send over our talented professionals to spray your yard and your family and even pets will be protected from mosquito menaces for up to 21 days. After those 21 days we’ll gladly come back to reapply so that you don’t have to worry about any danger from those pests all season long. The application is EPA-approved, eliminates mosquitoes on contact and provides continuous protection after it’s dried (typically about 30 minutes).

So before summer gets into gear, call Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston so we can begin the process of putting our mosquito control treatment into place for maximum prevention and protection for yourself and your family. With our experience, skills and knowledge of the area, we can serve as your first and best line of defense against any mosquito or ticks, and with our job done efficiently and economically, you and yours can enjoy all the best the outdoors have to offer. Make a call to (843) 574-8919 today and leave the pest control to us.

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* Tick control not available in MI without a license